We cut our keys using the most up to date computerised key milling machines and most of the keys we cut are cut to manufacturers tolerances. We stock a very large selection of key blanks for residential and commerical locks. We cut keys to code using online industrial applications
MacLock specalise in residential and light commercial safes for home, shop and offices. We also sell safes specifically for Data storage such as computer discs, backups, film etc. A standard fire resistant safe for paper will not cover data storage. We can advise and help you when choosing a safe suitable to your needs. We stock a full range of safes in our show rooms and are always happy to supply you with whatever information you may need. Check out our safe section on this site.
Push Button Combination Locks
Combination locks were designed to eliminate the need for keys for many applications. We supply primarily the digital range of combination locks which is manufactured in Japan. The digital door lock offers the perfect solution for keyless and wireless mechanical locking and has undergone extensive and rigorous testing making it the most reliable combination lock on the market. Combination locks are ideal for offices, store rooms, clubs, schools., offices and gates.
Master Key Systems
We develop master key systems for our customers from as little as two lock system to two thousand. We make, install and service systems primarily to the commercial market such as schools, offices, colleges, apartment buildings, shop and retail. Our systems are both restricted where keys cannot be cut without the customer’s permission and non restricted if cost is a factor. Whatever your requirement is, we can fill it.
Security Cylinders
We can supply and install anti-snap and anti-tamper cylinders for each and every application. Euro profile cylinders have been identified as a possible weak area in some modern doors. We sell anti-tamper, drill-resistant, anti-snap cylinders in both restricted and non restricted format.
Emergency Exit Hardware
Even though the panic device was invented 100 years ago and has been developed now into what can only be described as a “life saver”. People are still fighting for and losing their lives in tragedies due to devices disabled with chains and wedges, incorrectly installed hardware, poorly maintained products of doors simply fitted with the wrong equipment. The ranges of exit hardware supplied, installed and serviced by us is manufactured by JPM in France and Abloy Finland, however we can supply you with whatever manufacturer is applicable to your building. For expert advice and solutions along with factory specified installations and up to date knowledge on the products we sell, please call us today.
Electric Locks and High Security Locking Systems
We supply and install electric locks from Abloy, Adams RITE, Trimec and Von Drupin. We sell these brands as they are recognised as being some of the most reliable and secure in the world. MacLock has installed electric locks into bomb proof doors for An Post and customers such as AIB and Bank of Ireland. There are very few door applications that we cannot successfully install an electric lock into. We specialise in this field and subcontract to most access control companies in the Munster region. Our workmanship, experience and technical ability in this field is unsurpassed.